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Not too much activity concerning Iran these days on the news.

Iran Unmoved by possible sanctions

On Monday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the sanctions on North Korea would not deter Iran. And on Tuesday, he said efforts aimed at preventing Iran from having nuclear technology were doomed to fail, the state-controlled IRNA news agency reported. “Some Western countries have turned the U.N. Security Council into a weapon to impose their hegemony and issue resolutions against countries that oppose them,” Mr. Ahmadinejad said Monday, as quoted by state-run television. Iran “won’t be intimidated,” he added. On Tuesday, he weighed in again. “Some oppressive countries intend to create discord in order to dissuade the Iranian nation from reaching the summits of dignity and glory, including using nuclear technology for peaceful purposes,” Mr. Ahmadinejad said, according to IRNA. “But with God’s kindness, they will be defeated.”
The whole article at New York Times

Olmert tells Russia to act on Iran

"Speaking in Moscow after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the entire international community should unite to block what he called Iran's intention to build nuclear weapons. Mr. Olmert said he is confident that Mr. Putin understands Israel's concerns. But in a joint news conference Wednesday, Mr. Putin said nothing about Iran's nuclear program. He said Russia wants to help restart peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. "
Full article at English Chosun

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After the whole North Korea issue, many are taking advantage of the recent successes with sanctions towards North Korea to warn Iran that it may face similar consequences and unlike before, these aren't hollow threats. The only problem with the matter is that it took a North Korean Nuclear Test before sanctions were rolled out, what will it take for Iran. Hopefully not the same. "I hope the lesson they learn is that if they continue to pursue nuclear weapons, they will face the same kind of isolation and restrictions that we have just imposed on the North Koreans," said John Bolton. Once again the 6 nations will try and find common ground on how the Iranian issue is to be tackled. Iran's response? Sanctions are only a taste of the "psychological warfare" being fought against Iran. Hmm, doesn't seem like Ahmadinejad has been watching the news lately ie: North Korea.
A through article at Washington Post

Iran to keep on working on Nuclear program

"The threats and pressures against Iran's nuclear activities will not tarnish the will of the Iranian nation to continue its way (of achieving nuclear technology)," Ahmadinejad said. "The nation will not be intimidated by the threats and will continue on its path vigorously." "If they succeed in imposing their illegal demand on us they will increase the pressure to impose extra demands," Ahmadinejad said. "By God's grace they will not be able to stand against the Iranian nation." The blatant fool only wants to anger the world, when your so opposed to something that your blinded from everything. Ahmadinejad is so against America that he can't see anything except for his own propaganda. He has a chance now to lay down his rhetoric but he'll never do it out of foolishness and anger.
Statements from the Scotsman

Olmert Statement

"If the atomic bomb reaches Iranian hands it will reach other hands. International fears – not only Israel's – are that these weapons reach other players like Hizbullah," Olmert said. He is to meet Putin on Tuesday to discuss the Iranian issue.
Longer article at Ynet news

Possible End of Negociations

"We do not at the moment have a situation in which negotiations can be held with prospects of success, so the (U.N.) Security Council must take up its efforts" to work toward possible sanctions,Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. "But we have made equally clear that our offer for cooperation with Iran remains on the table. That means we are ready to return to the negotiating table any time if Iran declares its readiness to accept the conditions for negotiations." It seems that the Eu has finaly reached a concensus on one thing, that they have to do something about Iran. Negociations have failed but the door remains open for them to recommence, although under no cercumstance would Iran ever walk thorugh this door. Now we can finaly see if anything comes out of the meeting on Tuesday.
Full article at Deutche Welle

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Well even now with all these problems arising in the world, I'm back from a long break to continue posting relevant news stories on the Iran Nuclear Crisis.
Hope you'll enjoy.

Some sources are now reporting that Iran was given missile technology form North Korea. Isn't it amazing how once North Korea is in the picture they can be tied to everything? I don't doubt the report of course, it's just funny how now the news is connecting the two.
Short Article at Jerusalem Post

Maritime exercises to be held between The United States, Bahrain and other Persian Gulf states on the 31st of October. A lot of suspected movement is being done to practice against Iran. Such as the preparation of minesweepers to move out by October the 1st and the many naval tests being held in the region. These exercises are to help prepare the surrounding nations and not directed against Iran. "It's an effort to bring a lot of Gulf States together to demonstrate resolve and readiness to act against proliferation," said an unnamed official.
The Story at UPI

Iran is to rebuild 100 school in Lebanon, 60 in Beirut and 40 in the Bekka province. Iran as well is rebuilding 30 mosques and surrounding religious places, 20 religious places in southern Beirut and 50 religious buildings in Southern Lebanon. It is also rebuilding 4 hospitals in Bekka, 5 in Southern Beirut and 10 in Southern Lebanon. It will also build some roads and bridges destroyed during the conflict. All in all it'll cost between 35-50 million dollars (Currency unspecified.) In a clearly biased news article it ends off on how much damage was done in Lebanon and how many civilians were killed by "the Quds occupying regime's army." A lot more money would have been saved if Iran had not funded Hezbollah and helped them cause the war in the first place. But then again, that's unfair cause we see in retrospect, then again we all knew it would happen eventually.
The biased News Article at Iran Mania

After a news report that said that EU nations are to formally end negotiations with Iran, German foreign ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger dismissed the report and said, "We have made clear in London that we are ready to return for talks with Iran at any time. We are reaching out our hand. The offer is on the table, it only requires strong signals from Iran."
Full article again at Iran Mania

Finally urgent breaking news, Qatar has indefinitely banned all fish and seafood from Iran and Pakistan! This comes after levels of radiation were found in fish being imported to Kuwait from Iran.
More at The Peninsula


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