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The Report
The IAEA today said that Iran is advancing enrichment but that it can't figure out if Iran is developing nuclear arms. The IAEA, "has not seen any diversion of nuclear material to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices." As said by the Director General Mohamed ElBaradei. It was also added that the agency was not, "in a position to conclude that there are no undeclared nuclear materials or activities in Iran." The report also said that Iran began testing 20 centrifuges at it's plant at Natanz. Some documents found on a laptop acquired in 2004 showed information that said Iran "was trying to modify ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads." these documents however could not be verified.
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Sanctions? We don't fear Sanctions.
Ali Hosseini-Tash, a top Iranian nuclear negotiator, said today that Iran sees no reason to back down from the dispute of it's nuclear program. "Iran has predicted and studied the consequences of any possible Security Council decision. There is no reason for Iran to retreat," said Tash. "Any possible Security Council resolution against Iran's peaceful nuclear activities will not have any legal or rational foundations. It is not the last loop in the chain of decisions, especially when the US and the West are not sure of an agreement among Security Council members." This leaving Iran only a week before it's brought again to the council for action.
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Friendly visit to Kuwait.
Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, went for a visit in Kuwait today. He is quoted as saying, "The presence of occupation in Iraq is causing the deterioration of security. We believe that when foreign occupation is ended, a large part of the problems would be solved." This visit is the first from any Iranian president since 1979. "The relations between Iran and Kuwait are progressing continuously," he said. The president claimed that Iran was pushing for a middle east clear of nuclear arms, clearly referring to Israel's stock. "We are the ones who call to make the Middle East, and even the whole world, free of nuclear weapons."
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Other Notes.
The price for Oil dropped to 61$ a barrel.
4 people are wounded in a bomb explosion at a mayors office in the city of Dezful. Iran is blaming Britain on the unrest in the area.
Israel has hinted again that it may attack Iran, due to it's danger to the Israel.

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Well about those talks.
It seems Iran has agreed to the Russian enrichment project, to ease worries about it's nuclear objectives. The plan is supported by both the EU and America. It could also halt any sanctions by the UN, which is set to discus the matter on March the 6th. The nuclear plant would be built at Bushehr and would be functioning by fall 2006. Although the plan is no completly settled.

Gholamreza Aghazadeh, Iran's nuclear chief said,"There are different parts that need to be discussed. These are not just related to forming a company, there are other elements. There are political issues and the proposal should be seen as a package." He also said that Iran had a "set a precondition" but did not specify just what that was. Some Russian analystis believe that Iran wants security, for that of an attack from the United States.

An Iranian cleric, Hojjatoleslam Ali Zadsar, has accused Britain and America in being involved in the attack on the mosque in Samarra. “In these events, the footprints of the British can be seen along with the joint plot by the CIA and Mossad, and it was carried out through several intermediaries.” On this note, 500 muslim protesters arranged themselves in front of the British embassy in Tehran, buring British flags and calling for the closure of embassy. Some Danish and American flags were also burned.

A senior IDF officer has said that the world should still be suspicious of Iran, for even if it's enrichement is done in Russia, it doesn't mean Iran wont create nuclear weapons.

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Yah, sorry for not posting in a while. I just wanted to say I'll have no posts for a week now. Then I'll be back fully running, with a summary of the Russian-Iran nuclear talks.

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Well the reason I didn't post yesterday was because everyone was too preoccupied with the pentagon strike. So there wasn't much happening.
Well firstly, it seems that some poor old Australian got thrown in the cartoon fray. Michael Leunig created some cartoons back in 2002 of the holocaust, one with a Jewish man entering Auschwitz with the gate entrance baring Work Brings Freedom. His second cartoon was of the same scene only it was the same man carrying a rifle under the gates of Israel 2002, of which the words War Brings Peace were inscribed. Well these two cartoons were entered into the holocaust cartoon contest being held in Iran without his permission and the good ol' man called in and they pulled the cartoons out. Glad that's over.

Back to the pentagon attack issue. Germany is bickering about going to war. As the country is not one too fond of military action, Merkel said,"'We have learned from our history. Now we see that there were times when we could have acted differently. For that reason Germany is obliged to intervene at an early stage... To make clear (to Iran) what is OK and what isn`t.'

The rest of the news is a repeat of Sunday, as Iran saying it'll drop out of the NPT again and That it's starting enrichment, which I covered also on Sunday.

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First of all, Iran today called the U.S. and Europe "hostages of Zionism" and said that they should pay for the cartoons. Denmark today also said it has taken it's embassy staff out of Syria and Iran.

The Iranian leader issued some more interestng statements. Mahmoud said today that he might revise his policy of working within international atomic frameworks. He released his statements on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, in front of a nation of 1000's of supporters.

``The nuclear policy of the Islamic Republic so far has been peaceful. Until now, we have worked inside the agency (IAEA) and the NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty) regulations,'' he said.
``If we see you want to violate the right of the Iranian people by using those regulations (against us), you should know that the Iranian people will revise its policies.''

On another note the U.S. is preparing a military attack on Iran. It'll consist of bombing runs backed by ballistic missles from submarines. The Pentagon is currently looking for targets, planning the attack and assessing weapon-loads.
Iran has also removed almost all the cameras and seals from it's nuclear facilities. It's also threating to leave the NPT.

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Well today we had some stuff going. There was a large parliamentary debate in Britain today about Iran. It's been confirmed that Iran has restarted it's Nuclear plants. Natanz has been successfully restarted. 4 centrifuges have been restarted and pumped with uranium hexafluoride gas (UF6), which is a component used to create nuclear arms. Russia has also said it is not happy with Iran due to it's resistance to diplomatic solutions to the crisis. ''IAEA has made a rational decision, and Moscow is frustrated with Tehran`s spontaneous response to this decision,' said the expert. On another note, Iran is buying Russian sam's(Surface to Air missile), to protect it's nuclear facilities. 30 are being bought for a price of 700 million$.
A bunch of EU embassy's, in Iran, including the British, Danish, Norwegian, Austrian and French, were attacked today by a group of radicals chanting, "Death to Denmark/France/America."
Israel has said that Iran will have a nuclear bomb by 2010/2011. "It has already decided to run a cascade with 164 centrifuges and learn the lessons from this process. Thus, from the beginning of 2007, it would be able to enrich uranium to build the bomb", said Director of Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aharon Ze`evi Farkash.
That's about all for now.

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Can't say much has happened in the last 2 days. The U.S. chief of arms control, said," This is going to be a very difficult diplomatic effort stretching over many months," in reference to the crisis. When asked about options he said that oil sanctions were a option being considered. Russia has said it is against military options against Iran and that it believes there is a good chance that the proposed diplomatic solution will work. The proposal would allow Iran to carry out enrichment on Russian soil and still have access to nuclear fuel. China is also backing this deal. Also the thought of an Israeli Attack on Iran is falling down after the U.S. spoke about the protective umbrella placed over Israel. Tis all for now.

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Well it seems Iran deems it necessary to publish it's own cartoons. This form of retaliation is nothing to be surprised of, only to isolate Iran more form the world. Dozens of religious students threw stones at the Danish embassy in Tehran today in protest for the Danish cartoons. Danish officials has said Iran has a responsibility to protect the embassy, and if not Tehran will but accountable to any damages received. China still believes diplomacy is the best solution to the crisis. Mr Robert G Joseph, the undersecretary of state for arms control, said today that Iran bought time with the negotiations and it knows how to develop nuclear armaments and how to deliver them. There has been a sharp growth in people who are afraid of Iran nuclear ambitions and a larger number of people who also believe that the military solution is the best one.
And that's enough for the day.

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First off Iran said today that it will not negotiate with America, but might try to make deals with Russia. Those discussions will take place on the 16 of February. Rumsfeld said today that the military option is not to be ruled out, reasons given,"Iran is the main sponsor of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas." The IAEA has now be official notified that Iran will block surprise inspections and will continue with it's work. Iran has also asked for cameras and additional surveillance equipment to be removed by mid February. Danny Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the United States, said today that Iran is the worlds biggest threat since World War 2. Israel has also said that Iran might have the intelligence to create a Nuclear bomb by the end of the year. Israel has been hinting of a possible air strike, of which the IDF feels confident that it would be as successful as the Strike in Iraq. Some things Iran has to clear before it's referral to the UN are, what was the bomb blueprint and why was it needed for Iran, why Iran was testing missiles capable to deliver Nuclear warheads and what was the source of the HEU particles at locations where centrifuges were stored/made.

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I'll start with Sergei Ivanov, the russian defense minister who said that Russia will continue to look for a diplomatic solution for Iran. Russia is not to sure about the use of sanctions against Iran, thus it's diplomatic effort is still progressing. Iran has ended cooperation with the IAEA but has said that it will continue to talk with Russia about current proposals. India has said that it's vote to bring Iran to the council will not hurt diplomatic ties with Tehran and that they believe that Iran has a right to Nuclear power. Merkel has now compared Iran to Adolf Hitler. Other then those small comments there is nothing else to important at the moment.

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Today the resolution was passed. Of 35 countries, 27 countries voted to bring Iran to the security council, 3 countries(Syria, Cuba and Venezuela) voted against and 5 countries did not participate(Libya, South Africa, Algeria, Belarus and Indonesia.) In response Iran has said that it will resume enriching uranium and will stop allowing insepctions of it's nuclear sites. Javad Vaidi, the deputy head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council has said, "Until now we have only been researching uranium enrichment; now we have to start full-scale production." This was only a few minutes after the vote. Now iran has 30 days to consider other options, prove that it's program is for nuclear power only and allow more cooperation with the countries. If it doesn't it will be facing possible sanctions.

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The meeting is to take place at 5am eastern. It has been delayed for 2 days now, without any specific information on why. Tomorrows vote depends on the countries and there thoughts on the matter. While Russia will vote to report the issue only if sanctions are withheld for another month to discuss more diplomatic solutions. The Iranians will stop discussing with Russians if they are refeered to the council. The french are almost positivly for the referral to the UN. Various countries are against the use of force to stop iran from developping the Atomic bomb. But soon it'll be time and we'll see what lays in store for Iran in the morning.


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