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Decleration of war on Iran would require Congressional Support

President Bush declared recently that Iran may face consequences for it's actions. To that declaration democrats have counter declared that the president would require congressional support if he were to attack Iran by air. However there is still no "smoking-gun" that would require such action. The airstrikes would most likely target camps where the training of Shi'ite militia fighting, who are to fight in Iraq, is taking place. Sen. Kit Bond, a Missouri Republican doesn't believe that airstrikes could be launched. "I doubt the president could or would do so without coming to Congress,” he said. “Nevertheless, there are a number of wide-ranging actions he could be taking, primarily focusing on expanding diplomatic efforts to increase pressure on Iran.”
Kansas City

In all reality any action other then military action is good action. The last thing anyone wants is another war, especially with the troops strained so far. Plus, one word, civilians.

British Spy Tunnel Found

A passage found by workmen near the British embassey in Tehran is said to have transported spies and prostitutes into the Iranian nation. The men were working on a carpet shop accross from the embassy. A blogger who used to work at the embassy is quoted as saying, "The British embassy is using the tunnel for the comings and goings of spies linked to the embassy, and prostitutes."

Spies and prostitutes, thats all? Sheesh I thought maybe they'd find weapons and soldiers. Whats the big deal on spies and prostitutes, we have spies and prostitutes every here in North America? I wonder whos the blogger that gave out that info.

India's choices with Iran

India must choose whether to join most of the world in standing against Iran, or to run against the stream and join in as one of Iran's allies. India has a huge economie and over a billion people, so it is definitly a player in the world's playing field. As well as all that, it is also a nuclear power which brings it to a even higher level in the world order.
Read full article at Washington Post

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Well everyone is reporting on yesterdays news, or news about the Iran/American meeting. So I decided to report on other subjects, of varying importance (depending on what you think.)

Russian Aircraft ordered in by Iran

Iran has recently ordered a number of Tupolev 204 (Tu-204) from Russia. The 8 passenger planes, which are capable of carrying 212 passengers, should be arriving in the next 18 months. The plane was put into service in 1989 and is comparable to a Boeing 757. The plane has a crew of two, max speed of 900 km/h (560 mph) and a range from 6300km to 8500km depending on the plane. Their are currently 2 in service in Iran and 41 in the world.
Iran has cited difficulties in obtaining western aircraft due to political disagreements.
Iran Mania

Such interesting news. However I don't think Russian built aircraft is the best way to vouch for safety in your airlines. China makes cars and their cheap, however their is no possible way you could get me to buy one (unless you gave me the money). Cheap, is often not the best way to go when your dealing in large transportation equipment. All the best though.

Iran has launched it's Foreign ministry site in Arabic!

Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi said, "Arab users can be directly informed about Iran's foreign policies instead of referring to other news outlets." Plans for more languages will follow so that the world can reach an unbiased source of information on Iran.
Iran Mania

An unbiased account of Iran, from the Iranian government? In a way it's good that Iran is thinking about visitors, and of course it wants to get the word out about it's wonderful state. I would hardly call any statement made by the Iranian government unbiased.

Iran to help in 150km railway in Saudi Arabia

The project was signed by OPEC countries(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ), Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran will also transport 2000 vehicles to Saudi Arabia, construct a detergent factory and one lead production line. The TDO (Trade Development Organization) of Iran has had a great increase in the amount of goods being shipped from Iran to the Middle Eastern countries, where the demands for Persian goods and services are high. Last year a reported 16 billion dollars (US) were transacted in between Iran and Arabic nations.
Iran Mania

It's good to hear that their is a demand for their goods, it's always nice to hear of a country prospering.

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Iran and North Korea Ties strengthened

A deal was signed yesterday to increase cooperation with their economies and to strengthen their bonds according to the IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency ). North Korea has been negotiating with it's neighboring countries to receive energy and economic aid in return for it's dismantlement of it's nuclear program.

Iran faces Russian pressure

Russia has threathened not to deliver fuel, to a Russian built nuclear reactor, unless Iran reviels it's nuclear past. According to American sources Russia is also not keeping it's word to deliver other components nessasary to operate the plant.
Iran has come under much scrutiny for it's nuclear program. Recently it answered some of the questions the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has been demanding of, about it's previous nuclear power/arms expectations and experiments.
Taipei Times

Even Iran's good friend Russia is bugging it about the Nuclear program. The Iranian government has to realize that friends are few and far in-between in this world. It's philosophy of acting tough is wearing down, even with it's friends.

Journalist’s Day in Iran

“The western media are using words that present the oppressor as the oppressed and the oppressed as the oppressor,” said Ahmadinejad at a recent rally for Journalist's day. Among other things Ahmadinejad discussed the Israeli-Palestinian and how the West was warping the truth.
Ynet News

Journalist day, warping the truth, media freedom? Interesting how all 3 play out days after Iran shut down one of the leading reformist papers in it's country. Mahmoud even said that Iranian journalists were being brave and were helping the public choose correctly." Choose correctly, you gotta love those 2 words. It's like laying down 50 items on a table then saying you can choose which ever item you want, however if you don't choose one of the preselected items, then you'll be punished. Quite a crude form of Freedom.

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More Soldiers Killed in Iraq by Iranian EFP's

According to American military sources, more American soldiers were killed in July by explosively formed penetrators (EFP's). The number is as high as 99 attacks using the explosives. These bombs are being created by Iran, according to the American military. July had the attack count using the explosives in the war's history according to Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, Second in command in Iraq.
New York Times

Not new news at all. We've all known for a while that the Iranian Republican guard has been using these weapons against the United States Military. Why wouldn't the Iranian military not want to support insurgents fighting against the US? All they have to do is supply arms and then deny giving them away. It's a pretty safe way of waging a war against someone without risking your life.

Algeria Supports Iran

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the president of Algeria, has backed Iran and it's nuclear program. In a recent visit to Algiers, Ahmadinejad said, “Iran cannot talk to countries which do not recognise its right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful means.”
The Peninsula

1 comments Monday, August 06, 2007

Talks on Iraq

A new series of talks have taken place in Baghdad between American and Iranian officials on the state of security of Iraq. Security is definitely an issue as just hours before the meeting was to take place a suicide bomber killed 33 people. In reference to the talks, US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, "It is an established channel of communication and we will see in the future as to whether or not it is a useful channel of communication." (Ryan Crocker and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Kazemi-Qomi met Iraq's national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie for two hours in Rubaie's office to go over what the committee had discussed.) The U.S. believes that Iran is supplying arms to Iraqi militias fighting against the U.S. . The meeting lasted hours and another meeting is to take place in a later time.
Sydney Morning Herald

In all reality any talks in between Iran and the United States are a fairly good sign. What these meetings have accomplished however, that's another story. When two sides meet to discuss but neither listen to each other, there is little headway.

Afghanistan and US, mixed opinions on Iran

The Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, stated that Iran is an asset to Afghanistan, while President Bush wanted to isolate Iran from the world. "Iran has been a supporter of Afghanistan, in the peace process that we have and the fight against terror, and the fight against narcotics in Afghanistan," said Karzai. Bush differentiated, "I would be very cautious about whether or not the Iranian influence there in Afghanistan is a positive force." "We will continue to work to isolate it. Because they're not a force for good, as far as we can see. They are a destabilising influence, wherever they are now," Bush added.
Gulf Daily News

Doesn't seem like a simple disagreement between the two nations. Quite more like opposing ends of a spectrum, I hope this is the only thing they disagree on.

The Daily Shargh (East), newspaper, shut down

The largest Iranian reformist newspaper was shut down for the second time in a year by the government, after publishing an article calling for gender equality. The paper was created in 2003 and faced it's first closure by the government in September of 2006 for criticizing Iranian Hard-liners. It restarted in June but less then 3 months later it has already been taken down once more.
The article was an interview, "with an anti-revolutionary figure, who is famous for promoting anti-morality materials," according to Ali Reza Malekian, a Culture Ministry official. The poets name was Saghi Qahraman who said that men should play a larger role in households and not make women do all the household work.
Since the new government has taken power from the 2005 elections, over 100 newspapers have been silenced in Iran.
Washington Post

Another ridiculous closure of newspaper for expressing media freedom. It's amazing to hear that the Iranian government even allows these papers to go on. The government clearly knows the paper will publish material it disagrees with, but I guess in act the government trys to show it's as not as strict as others may protray it. Although, it doesn't play the part so well.

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Iranian F-5 ( Azarakhsh.)Image copyright to rightful owner.

Finally I'm back and will be reporting daily once again, it's been a long time.

Iran to Talk with U.S. on Iraq

The meeting will be held in Baghdad on Monday. "Based on the agreement, the two sides would exchange ideas over details of a trilateral security committee on Monday," said Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's Ambassador to Iraq. "Iranian, Iraqi and U.S. representatives would join the conference to talk about composition and agenda of the security committee ... the discussion would be held at expert level," he also added.

"Go Somewhere Else"

"Our support (for the Palestinian people) is unconditional. As for the Israelis, let them go find somewhere else," said the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "Islam bans the assassination of innocent people wherever they are," he added. "We reject all methods of terrorism, whatever the denomination or motive." He then lambasted Western Powers for their weak performances in human rights. "In the United States people's telephone conversations are listened to. In Britain, people are spied on using television cameras. In Palestine, Israel commits butchery. But no-one causes a scandal."
AfricaAsia (IC Publications)

This is utter hypocrisy on his part, with more and more human rights allegations in Iran rising every day, he dares to even mention the West's human rights issues. He's just waiting for the destruction of Israel by militants and openly as well, yet he says he rejects terrorism. Since when is shooting Qassam's in Israel not considered terrorism?

New Fighter Jet

Named Azarakhsh (Lightening), it is the newest fighter jet produced by Iran. Modeled after the Northrop F-5, it made a successful flight into Isfahan to a ceremony attended by Defense Minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar. It has been in development since at least September of 2006. "The domestically developed fighter plane is another example of the technological achievements of Iran," said Isfahan governor, Morteza Bakhtiari. "When the United States is selling its arms to its allies in the region, our country's experts are making huge progress everyday toward self-sufficiency in defense," he added.
The plane is is the second developed by Iran, the first being Sa'egheh (Thunder) which is comparable to a F-18.

Although creating your own airplane is quite a feat, designing it on a plane which ran off the service lines 1987 and was first designed in the 60's is ... not so impressive. But good job anyway.

Source: Wikipedia

Over 200 youth's arrested for attendance at "satanic" rock concert

The concert happened near the town Karaj, 50km West of Tehran. According to a witness the concert was in a private orchard. "Most of them were wealthy young people who were not aware of the satanic nature of the concert," said Ali Farhadi the public prosecutor. He also added, "A female singer, who was performing, and some rock and Rap music bands were among the detained." Under law set in 1979, you are not allowed to host parties without permission from the government and rock, rap and all western music is forbidden. Charges laid ranged from participating in/attending the concert to drinking alcohol and for women, dancing with unrelated men.

The event was staged to capture the attendees by the concert organizers. Cameras were placed before the event to gather evidence. The tapes were to blackmail the attendees later on.

International Herald Tribune


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