Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Iran and North Korea Ties strengthened

A deal was signed yesterday to increase cooperation with their economies and to strengthen their bonds according to the IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency ). North Korea has been negotiating with it's neighboring countries to receive energy and economic aid in return for it's dismantlement of it's nuclear program.

Iran faces Russian pressure

Russia has threathened not to deliver fuel, to a Russian built nuclear reactor, unless Iran reviels it's nuclear past. According to American sources Russia is also not keeping it's word to deliver other components nessasary to operate the plant.
Iran has come under much scrutiny for it's nuclear program. Recently it answered some of the questions the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has been demanding of, about it's previous nuclear power/arms expectations and experiments.
Taipei Times

Even Iran's good friend Russia is bugging it about the Nuclear program. The Iranian government has to realize that friends are few and far in-between in this world. It's philosophy of acting tough is wearing down, even with it's friends.

Journalist’s Day in Iran

“The western media are using words that present the oppressor as the oppressed and the oppressed as the oppressor,” said Ahmadinejad at a recent rally for Journalist's day. Among other things Ahmadinejad discussed the Israeli-Palestinian and how the West was warping the truth.
Ynet News

Journalist day, warping the truth, media freedom? Interesting how all 3 play out days after Iran shut down one of the leading reformist papers in it's country. Mahmoud even said that Iranian journalists were being brave and were helping the public choose correctly." Choose correctly, you gotta love those 2 words. It's like laying down 50 items on a table then saying you can choose which ever item you want, however if you don't choose one of the preselected items, then you'll be punished. Quite a crude form of Freedom.


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