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Iranian F-5 ( Azarakhsh.)Image copyright to rightful owner.

Finally I'm back and will be reporting daily once again, it's been a long time.

Iran to Talk with U.S. on Iraq

The meeting will be held in Baghdad on Monday. "Based on the agreement, the two sides would exchange ideas over details of a trilateral security committee on Monday," said Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's Ambassador to Iraq. "Iranian, Iraqi and U.S. representatives would join the conference to talk about composition and agenda of the security committee ... the discussion would be held at expert level," he also added.

"Go Somewhere Else"

"Our support (for the Palestinian people) is unconditional. As for the Israelis, let them go find somewhere else," said the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "Islam bans the assassination of innocent people wherever they are," he added. "We reject all methods of terrorism, whatever the denomination or motive." He then lambasted Western Powers for their weak performances in human rights. "In the United States people's telephone conversations are listened to. In Britain, people are spied on using television cameras. In Palestine, Israel commits butchery. But no-one causes a scandal."
AfricaAsia (IC Publications)

This is utter hypocrisy on his part, with more and more human rights allegations in Iran rising every day, he dares to even mention the West's human rights issues. He's just waiting for the destruction of Israel by militants and openly as well, yet he says he rejects terrorism. Since when is shooting Qassam's in Israel not considered terrorism?

New Fighter Jet

Named Azarakhsh (Lightening), it is the newest fighter jet produced by Iran. Modeled after the Northrop F-5, it made a successful flight into Isfahan to a ceremony attended by Defense Minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar. It has been in development since at least September of 2006. "The domestically developed fighter plane is another example of the technological achievements of Iran," said Isfahan governor, Morteza Bakhtiari. "When the United States is selling its arms to its allies in the region, our country's experts are making huge progress everyday toward self-sufficiency in defense," he added.
The plane is is the second developed by Iran, the first being Sa'egheh (Thunder) which is comparable to a F-18.

Although creating your own airplane is quite a feat, designing it on a plane which ran off the service lines 1987 and was first designed in the 60's is ... not so impressive. But good job anyway.

Source: Wikipedia

Over 200 youth's arrested for attendance at "satanic" rock concert

The concert happened near the town Karaj, 50km West of Tehran. According to a witness the concert was in a private orchard. "Most of them were wealthy young people who were not aware of the satanic nature of the concert," said Ali Farhadi the public prosecutor. He also added, "A female singer, who was performing, and some rock and Rap music bands were among the detained." Under law set in 1979, you are not allowed to host parties without permission from the government and rock, rap and all western music is forbidden. Charges laid ranged from participating in/attending the concert to drinking alcohol and for women, dancing with unrelated men.

The event was staged to capture the attendees by the concert organizers. Cameras were placed before the event to gather evidence. The tapes were to blackmail the attendees later on.

International Herald Tribune


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