Thursday, August 09, 2007

Well everyone is reporting on yesterdays news, or news about the Iran/American meeting. So I decided to report on other subjects, of varying importance (depending on what you think.)

Russian Aircraft ordered in by Iran

Iran has recently ordered a number of Tupolev 204 (Tu-204) from Russia. The 8 passenger planes, which are capable of carrying 212 passengers, should be arriving in the next 18 months. The plane was put into service in 1989 and is comparable to a Boeing 757. The plane has a crew of two, max speed of 900 km/h (560 mph) and a range from 6300km to 8500km depending on the plane. Their are currently 2 in service in Iran and 41 in the world.
Iran has cited difficulties in obtaining western aircraft due to political disagreements.
Iran Mania

Such interesting news. However I don't think Russian built aircraft is the best way to vouch for safety in your airlines. China makes cars and their cheap, however their is no possible way you could get me to buy one (unless you gave me the money). Cheap, is often not the best way to go when your dealing in large transportation equipment. All the best though.

Iran has launched it's Foreign ministry site in Arabic!

Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi said, "Arab users can be directly informed about Iran's foreign policies instead of referring to other news outlets." Plans for more languages will follow so that the world can reach an unbiased source of information on Iran.
Iran Mania

An unbiased account of Iran, from the Iranian government? In a way it's good that Iran is thinking about visitors, and of course it wants to get the word out about it's wonderful state. I would hardly call any statement made by the Iranian government unbiased.

Iran to help in 150km railway in Saudi Arabia

The project was signed by OPEC countries(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries ), Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran will also transport 2000 vehicles to Saudi Arabia, construct a detergent factory and one lead production line. The TDO (Trade Development Organization) of Iran has had a great increase in the amount of goods being shipped from Iran to the Middle Eastern countries, where the demands for Persian goods and services are high. Last year a reported 16 billion dollars (US) were transacted in between Iran and Arabic nations.
Iran Mania

It's good to hear that their is a demand for their goods, it's always nice to hear of a country prospering.


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