Friday, August 10, 2007

Decleration of war on Iran would require Congressional Support

President Bush declared recently that Iran may face consequences for it's actions. To that declaration democrats have counter declared that the president would require congressional support if he were to attack Iran by air. However there is still no "smoking-gun" that would require such action. The airstrikes would most likely target camps where the training of Shi'ite militia fighting, who are to fight in Iraq, is taking place. Sen. Kit Bond, a Missouri Republican doesn't believe that airstrikes could be launched. "I doubt the president could or would do so without coming to Congress,” he said. “Nevertheless, there are a number of wide-ranging actions he could be taking, primarily focusing on expanding diplomatic efforts to increase pressure on Iran.”
Kansas City

In all reality any action other then military action is good action. The last thing anyone wants is another war, especially with the troops strained so far. Plus, one word, civilians.

British Spy Tunnel Found

A passage found by workmen near the British embassey in Tehran is said to have transported spies and prostitutes into the Iranian nation. The men were working on a carpet shop accross from the embassy. A blogger who used to work at the embassy is quoted as saying, "The British embassy is using the tunnel for the comings and goings of spies linked to the embassy, and prostitutes."

Spies and prostitutes, thats all? Sheesh I thought maybe they'd find weapons and soldiers. Whats the big deal on spies and prostitutes, we have spies and prostitutes every here in North America? I wonder whos the blogger that gave out that info.

India's choices with Iran

India must choose whether to join most of the world in standing against Iran, or to run against the stream and join in as one of Iran's allies. India has a huge economie and over a billion people, so it is definitly a player in the world's playing field. As well as all that, it is also a nuclear power which brings it to a even higher level in the world order.
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